Can You Write Your Novel or Memoir by Labor Day? 

Do you miss the camaraderie and connection of a writers' conference and the productive focus of a writing retreat? We've created both in a program that keeps you writing all summer long.

Don't miss out on the action - get the expert help, meet your people, get inspired, and write this summer! ~ All virtual, and yet, truly connected.

Begins Monday, June 21st 
and runs all summer

100 Writing Days of Summer

What You'll Get

Make real progress on your novel, short story, memoir or YA novel before Labor Day.

Make new friends, get real help.

  • 100 Days of Inspiration & Prompts

    You get a beautiful email - every day. Each contains:


    • a hard-won writing tip from one of our expert... award-winning... bestselling ...and exceptional authors from the 10O Writing Days of Summer Authors' Panel. 

    • Summery Picture Prompts

    • Group activities and cheerleading from Julia Roberts, a creativity coach and expert on the creative thinking process.

    • Ways to be in touch with our Panelist Authors online


    Each email brings summery joy, inspiration, a prompt and a writing tip.

  • A New Writing Community

    Where do you go to brag? Where can you complain? Where do you find a writing buddy for the summer? Facebook!


    • We'll have a pop-up FB group of just us.

    • You can add your word count to the group's total, share a thought or problem you're having.

    • Get help from Julia Roberts, Creativity Coach, and your fellow writers.

    • And pick up the prompts and tips inside the group. 




    Also, Q&A with the authors and giveaways, all summer long.

  • Writing Sessions & Creativity Coaching



    • And midway, if you're stuck or overwhelmed, bring your question to Julia Roberts, creativity coach.


    • We'll discuss how to overcome stopping thoughts, "insurmountable" problems and idea blocks. 


    • 45 minutes writing. 30 minutes coaching, 45 minutes writing. Or write all the way through. We can socialize afterward.  


    We're in your corner - with TEN

    2-hour writing sessions! 

  • Access to Writing Experts

    Established authors and university level writing teachers share their best tips for writing a novel, YA novel, memoir or short story.


    • Many are available for Q&A in our FB group. 

    • Each will be featured for a 10 day period, so you can find their books, ask them questions, interact.

    • And if you're stuck, seek help from Julia Roberts, your host and mentor for the summer!

    • Julia has her Masters in the creative thinking process, and will help you get writing and keep writing.


    When you're working hard, you don't need everything to be hard. Get expert help.

Meet your Writing Mentor for the Summer

Julia Roberts, MSc,
Creativity Speaker/Coach, Author

Hi, I'm Julia. I'm a published author who still suffered from doubt and delay. I just couldn't write sometimes. It was painful. 


I had to figure it out.


For me, that became an 8+ year journey - beginning with the publishing of my 2nd book - through coach training, creativity coach training, and finally through my Masters in Science in Creative Studies. Now, I know what writers need, to get writing and keep writing.


I share my expertise with writers. I choose to empower writers' voices. We are the weirdos and witnesses the world needs to hear more from.

  • I promise you'll be inspired, connected, and write a lot this summer

  • I respect the writer's journey and the importance of writers' voices

Our Exciting and Fabulous Author Panel

Award-winning Memoirist and Novelist

Ginger Moran 

A writer, speaker, and book mentor, Ginger Moran’s areas of expertise are in memoir, fiction writing and mentoring. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from the University of Virginia and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She taught at Spring Hill College, Fisk University, and the University of Virginia.


She has published articles and short stories in "Virginia Quarterly Review,", and "Feminist Studies," among many others.


Her first novel, The Algebra of Snow, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her second novel, American Queen, came out in 2020 And her upcoming novel, The Body of Summer, will be available in the summer of 2021.


She lives in Maryland with her dog and cat and close to her grown sons. Currently she works with people who have a story to tell and want to tell it well.

Novelist, painter


Debbie Galant

Debbie Galant started her career as a newspaper reporter, but quickly found the inverted pyramid structure too limited. She branched out into humor by writing a column on suburban manners for The New York Times, and eventually turned one of those columns into a novel, Rattled. Two more novels followed.


In 2004, she became a pioneer in digital publishing by starting one of the first local news sites, Baristanet.


In 2015, after a cancer diagnosis, she teamed up with her son to create the award-winning podcast The Chemo Files.


She now turns most of her attention to painting.





Award-winning Novelist


Katrina Kittle

Katrina Kittle is the author of four books for adults—Traveling Light, Two Truths and a Lie, The Kindness of Strangers, and The Blessings of the Animals— and one for tweens, Reasons to Be Happy.


Katrina teaches writing workshops focusing on craft and motivation (and is especially good at jumpstarting stalled writers) through Word’s Worth Writing Connections and at the University of Dayton.


Katrina lives near Dayton with her fella, her odd cat Joey, her sweet beagle Serena, and her out-of-control garden. She has a thing for goats, gardening, and going barefoot, and is addicted to coffee.




Writing Teacher and Bestselling Author

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the author of seven books, including The Courage to Heal and I Thought We‘d Never Speak Again. Her groundbreaking books have been translated into 11 languages and sold two million copies.


In addition to writing books that inspire and change people’s lives, the work of Laura’s heart is to teach. For more than twenty years, she’s helped people find their voices, tell their stories, and hone their craft. Laura loves creating supportive, intimate writing communities online, in person, and internationally.


Her new memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story, will be released in October 2021.

​Award Winning Writer


Tiff Holland

Tiff Holland’s poetry and prose appear regularly in journals and anthologies including: New World Writing, Elm Leaves Journal, New Flash Fiction.


Her chapbook Bone in a Tin Funnel is available from Pudding House Press.


Tiff is the author of the award-winning flash fiction chapbook Betty Superman from Rose Metal Press which later adapted the collection as a novella-in-flash and featured it in the collection My Very End of the Universe which won an IPPY - Independent Publsiher Book Award.


Tiff’s first full-length collection of poetry My Mother’s Transvestites 

was published in 2020 by Finishing Line Press. 

Fantasy Author


Eilis Flynn

Eilis Flynn writes about the reality beyond. She’s worked on Wall Street, as unreal as it gets. That led to spinning her own fantastic tales of realities beyond like… a second-generation super-heroine in love, a dream world where water burns like fire, and an England where vampires serve the empire.


Her non-fiction (as Elizabeth M.S. Flynn) is equally fantastic, cataloging the myths and legends of ghosts, dragons, vampires, and zombies.


Most fanciful of all could be her guide for self-published authors, She Nodded Her Head Up and Down in Agreement: How a Second Thought Can Help Your Book




Children's Book Author and Editor

Henry Herz

Henry Herz authored over 25 traditionally published short stories, including eight for the pro-pay markets "Daily Science Fiction," Blackstone Publishing, Albert Whitman & Co., Air and Nothingness Press, "Highlights for Children," and "Ladybug Magazine."


He edited three anthologies: Beyond the Pale, Coming of Age (Albert Whitman & Co., middle grade #ownvoices), and The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie (Blackstone Publishing, young adult horror by Mylo Carbia, Stacia Deutsch, Sarah Beth Durst, Alethea Kontis, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, and Scott Westerfeld).


Henry authored 11 traditionally published books for children.

Novelist, Multimedia Artist

Kimi Eisele

Kimi Eisele is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. She is the author of the novel, The Lightest Object in the Universe (Algonquin Books 2019).


Her writing has appeared in "Guernica," "Longreads," "High Country News," "Orion," and elsewhere.


Her visual art and performance works have explored saguaro cacti, sky island forests, endangered species, water, urban revitalization, and food systems.


She lives in Tucson, AZ and works for the Southwest Folklife Alliance.

Creative Process Expert

Julia Roberts

On top of writing craft tips - like character development, themes, scene writing, dialogue and more - Julia will be giving her best tips on how to get writing and keep writing.


Julia has her certifications in life coaching and creativity coaching, a Masters in Science in Creativity, and has published three books.

Sex, Lies & Creativity, Gender Differences in Creative Thinking, (2014, Difference Press), Motherhood to Otherhood, (2008, Running Press), and RV There Yet? A Cross-Country Cautionary Tale (2005, Booksurge).

This is a very strange summer - uncertainty in every direction. Will there be parties? Travel? Concerts? Baseball? Yes. Will you both love it and be tired of it all, quickly? Yes. And will you long for our quiet pandemic quarantine? Also yes. This program gives you connection to your writing work, and a writing community. It gives you accountability with 20 hours of writing - baked in to all the summer fun. You're setting up a summer where your plans to write are honored, encouraged and protected. Come write with us this summer. 

You can write this summer.

You have 100 days. Join this summery writing group - and keep it light and fun. You will meet new writing pals, and write with a group for ten sessions this summer. Get coaching when you're stuck, a writing buddy, daily inspiration, tips and picture prompts.

  • Get expert help.
  • Meet new writer friends
  • Make progress on your work.
  • Daily inspiration - tips and prompts
  • Get a good look at your creative process
  • Giveaways and Q&As with established writers all summer long.

100 Writing Days of Summer - take full advantage. Write Your Novel or Memoir this summer.


All for $299

or 3 monthly payments of $109

For any and all questions or comments, email Julia Roberts @

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