Procrastination is not a character flaw.

It is 100% fixable with the right tool at the right time.

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Deb Galant

Award winning podcaster, 3x novelist, and Former NY Times Columnist

"I found myself pushing boundaries more."

"I learned that I was putting more restrictions on myself than I realized. I was not pushing rules in my creativity. After talking with Julia, I found myself pushing the rules more than before, in my whole life. “

Pamela Wright

Humor Writer

"Write Without the Fight is the golden ticket"

“ I got a golden ticket!!! Thanks so much for this, Julia. 😙.” 

Kelly  Pratt

Artist, Filmmaker

"Thought-provoking insights"

“Julia is a brilliant creativity coach and never ceases to amaze me with her thought-provoking insights!!” 

Liza Dawson

Literary Agent

"I could see my faults and compensate."

"I thought: Okay, I might have this issue, but who do I know that can balance that tendency in me?" 

Maria Archer


"Better than years of therapy"

“I've always had the sense I was holding myself back. And it was frustrating. Years and years of therapy gave me less insight into how I create, than working with Julia.”

Mary Miller

Stand-up comedian, performer and breast cancer activist

"A total breakthrough"

“Julia totally broke through a serious block I created around my writing, that had me frozen in my tracks.” 

Here's What You Get

Co-writing sessions -  4x/wk, accountability

  • Build the weekly habit - write with others, and sustain a practice of writing
  • A time for yourself, an uninterrupted time - 4x a week
  • Accountability and congeniality





16 sessions/month - $480.00 value

Creativity Classes -  1x/month 

  • Monthly deep dives into writing and creativity questions
  • Learn the things you need to know, as you need to know them: Building a Following, Social Media for Authors, Overcoming Procrastination, Productivity, Writer's Block

$200.00 value/month

Creativity Coaching - 

1 x/mo

  • Group coaching - bring your issues, feelings, obstacles to the call & get help
  • If you're facing it, others are too. 
  • Gain clarity



$200.00 value/month

Community - FB group


  • A place to brag, laugh, share your writing in a safe group. 
  • A place for announcements, links
  • Private, just ours.



 Help and community PRICELESS

Library of Creative Process programs

  • Bring out the Bestseller in You identifies the 4 conditions that must align for brilliance to occur
  • Creativity, An Owner's Manual - DIY creative process/thinking guide

$400.00 value - INCLUDED

Ongoing, affordable help - while you write, finish and market your work

When you pay for the full year, it's like you get two months free. It's an investment in yourself. Or pay by month. 

(+ 14 day guarantee, don't forget)

You get over $1,000.00 in value the first month!

About Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts…

A lifelong writer, jokester, creativity expert, and a relentless optimist – dedicated to helping writers decode their creative process so they can doubt and resist less, and just write.

Out of the trenches to be by your side


Maybe you can relate to my story. I’ve been called “creative” all my life. And I knew it was true, but I never knew precisely how it was true.


I’ve spent over 3,000 hours in corporate conference rooms, eating M&Ms and pizza, and brainstorming ideas for clients. It seemed like my best creative asset was just spewing ideas – from my clear blue mind – great ideas, crazy ideas, original and laughable ones. But, was this really all my creativity was good for? I liked my clients – Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., HBO, Burger King, Kraft Food, Motown – but I knew I wanted to write my own stuff.


That’s when the hard part started. (Can you relate?) Writing and marketing my work was way harder than telling American Express what to do.

When you try to do your Very Important Thing but you get stuck… you don’t know what you don’t know. It can be so hard, you give up. But I didn’t give up. (And neither should you.)


 Top 3 Reasons to Join this Club
of Weirdos and Writers

Reason #1

Co-writing gives you accountability and structure that you need to really write what you hope to write.

Reason #2

Belonging to a community of writers

who don't judge or scold, but who get you,  pay attention and help -  unlike "normal people."

Reason #3

Easy-to-start and see if this works for you

Pay a whole year, and it's like getting 2 months free!


​Every writer gets stuck. Great writers know how to get unstuck.



We help you see why you're stuck. Help you quit pretending you're not and get back to writing.


Through our coaching conversations, and FB posts, I grow to have awareness of your work - like that grandmother scene you've described for 3 months, but still haven't written - but I am not a writing teacher, a reader or editor of your writing.
(You might find other willing readers in the group.)


My expert help and advice is about process, mindset, and goosing your creativity - so you can stick with it, write with less doubt and delay, and finish your work.

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below.

I'd like to work with you and help you mitigate your fight with the creative process, and literally write better - smoother process, quicker outcomes and better, original thinking. This is the lowest priced option out there - by design - bec I want to see you finish your work and succeed. 


per month

  • Virtual Writing Sessions up to 4x a week - 16x a month!

  • Group coaching and training in creativity 2x month with Julia Roberts, MSc

  • Daily Support on FB

  • Self-guided learning about you and the Creative Process - Creativity* Owner's Manual

  • Tap into the Bestseller in You


  • All the same benefits of Club membership, month-to-month - ($1,000 in value in the first month)


  • Killer bonus - Annual price amounts to two free months!


  • Full Guarantee - leave within 14 days, and there's zero obligation.